Exparia WIP - Eye closeup

Dzung phung dinh facecloseup2
Dzung phung dinh facecloseup1
Dzung phung dinh eyecloseup

Exparia - The Journey WIP - Eye shader test UE4

Dzung phung dinh eyemat shader
Dzung phung dinh eyesetup

Exparia WIP - Eye closeup

latest WIP of my current project - Exparia - The Journey. just did some eye shader in UE4 to mimic the stylized hand-painted PBR look. Hope you like it ;)! any C&C are more than welcomed :D !
btw, I also included the custom reflection shader I made for the eye in case anyone interested, it take a custom painted reflection map as an additional spherical reflection source on top of the material color. I am no tech artist so this network took my whole precious Saturday lol

anyone interested in the whole project , you can visit my working thread on Polycount here : http://polycount.com/discussion/175201/the-journey-art-station-contest-reboot-wip-thread#latest There 's a movie I rendered out in UE4 in the thread :D

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