Pisciasa - Base mesh

Dzung phung dinh modelsheet
Dzung phung dinh pisciasa deformtest shoulder
Dzung phung dinh description artstation
Dzung phung dinh pisciasa deformtest upperleg
Dzung phung dinh pisciasa deformtest knee
Dzung phung dinh pisciasa deformtest wrist
Dzung phung dinh pisciasa deformtest elbow

Pisciasa topology & draft deformation Test

Dzung phung dinh supportimage008
Dzung phung dinh supportimage001
Dzung phung dinh supportimage002
Dzung phung dinh supportimage005
Dzung phung dinh supportimage004
Dzung phung dinh supportimage003
Dzung phung dinh supportimage006
Dzung phung dinh supportimage007

Pisciasa - Base mesh

Interested in owning this model ? go here : https://goo.gl/SSXFbL
This is deformation & articular joint test of my base mesh for Pisciasa. Did several quick test using default Voxel skinning at 128 res, no manual weight painting just yet. I move back & forth several time to find the best optimal combination of topology flow and articular joints position to maximize linear-blending skinning results.
The colored lines of the model are just aid my process of specify the topology of the model, red line indicate the most important loop, Orange is less important but a should-have if tris-count allowed, Black line is the middle lines to separated model in half or quarter that will help with the UV seam later.
Better result will be able to achieve by the further use of weight paint fixing and corrective blendshapes .

Full project available here : https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/artwar-2-3d-pisciasa-of-the-deep-darkness-phungdinhdzung/4409/36