Pisciasa Of The Deep Darkness

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pisciasa beauty turntable VIDEO

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Pisciasa Finish Turntable

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Dzung phung dinh apose turntable min
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Pisciasa Of The Deep Darkness

Yay ! at last I am able to finish #Pisciasa !
You can get the full UE4 project files here : http://cbr.sh/hvdowb
<3 actually this is one of my first finished 3D piece . Artwar2 did give me alot of motivation to finish and push my overall quality over my comfortable zone :stuck_out_tongue: . Really want to do much more of this in the future !
Here are some finish images along with the 2 official one used for submission.
Full WIP thread here if anyone interested : https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/final-artwar-2-3d-pisciasa-of-the-deep-darkness-phungdinhdzung/4409/84