Scoprisia Bust Sculpt Project Files

Scoprisia Bust Sculpt Project Files : 

This is the entire project files of the Scoprisia Bust Sculpt including: 

  • 1x Zbrush Bust Sculpt ZPR ( Zbrush 2019 )  file in T pose with all SubD preserved.
  • 1x Zbrush Bust Sculpt ZPR ( Zbrush 2019 ) file in posed like in rendered images.
  • 1x PSD ( Photoshop CC2019 ) file that are used to composite the render image from raw EXR renders.
  • Maya 2018 render scene with Vray 3.6 including the highpoly models and lighting, camera in the scene, ready for rendering. 
  • 20 raw hi-res EXR renders straight from Maya Vray with render passes ( Zdepth, ID & GI ) . 
  • 5 high-res final composited render images.

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